Breakfast & Salads

 Breakfast and Baked Goods
 Bacon, Sausage, or Ham with Egg and Cheese (on Bagel, Biscuit, or English Muffin)  $2.50
                                                                              (on Crossiant)  $3.00
 Muffins, or Coffee Cake  $1.50
 Chocolate Chip Cookie  $1.29

Dagwood’s Salads

 Crisp chopped lettuce, onions, diced tomatoes, and cheese topped with a generous portion of top quality deli meat and Dagwood’s house dressing.
 Turkey Breast Salad  $6.49
 Garden Salad (Vegetarian)  $4.99
 Roast Beef Salad  $6.49
 The Dagwood Salad (Roast Beef, Ham, & Hard Salami)  $6.49
 Cobb Salad (Ham, Turkey, & Egg)  $6.99
 Antipasto Salad (Roast Beef, Ham, & Sausage)  $6.99
 Chicken Ranch Bacon Salad  $6.99
 Veggie Lover’s Salad  $5.99
 Chicken Parmesan Salad  $6.99
 Side Salad  $1.99